Well, I think it's finally time for the longish blog I've been talking about.

Hmmm. For the first night in weeks
I have no homework.
well, I have an assignment, but it's not due for a long time yet.

Well, not much has been going on lately.
Last night I had cadets, which was cool.
Finally got promoted :)
and tonight I was in the SPCA.

But besides that, this week has been fairly boring.

I also had a math test today.
But, it wasn't as bad as I expected.
Hopefully I done really well.
Either really well, or really bad.

Hmm. maybe this won't be as long as I had though.

Well, I guess not.
Since it's already late and I have school tomorrow



Wow, It's been almost a week.

Well, there is a reason for the lack of blogging lately.
I've been super busy.
Between school, home, looking for a job...
The past week has been insane.
But we have the day off school today, which is good. :)

Hmmm. Well, I don't really have much to say/ talk about now.

So, just a quick entry, for now.
There is a long one coming eventually.
Mkay? :)



Well where its Easter Break I've been slack on the whole blog thing.
&& I haven't been home, and I've been busy.

So, Saturday we left to town.
went in there for Easter Sunday, and had dinner with a bit of the family,
as you would over Easter.
And then came out from town Monday night.
Tuesday afternoon I went down the country.
Stayed over around the arm, and went over Cody's.
Wednesday, went over the other side of the arm,
and we got a bunch of money together and got Coopers,
which was amazing. I haven't had Coopers since i moved.
Wednesday night was the dance. Which I though was pretty cool.
Got to see a few of the people I hadn't seen in a while.
Thursday we went for a trot down harbour, and then went up the old house.
Got back up C'ville, got in the shower, and went out again.
We went and saw "Meet the Robinson's." :)
It was really good, but the end was so sad.
Then went and got a slushie and went to the playground.

And now, after a very busy few days
with little to no sleep, I'm back and finally had a chance
to do another blog, that and I was sat on the couch at
12:30 am watching Hockey highlights, and I got bored. :)
I get bored very easily & I have a short attention span.

Well, it's getting late.
there will be a longer entry later on. :)


Hmmm. Well it's been a while since my last entry.
I've been really busy this week.
But its now Easter Break, which is awesome!

Well, Monday night was Drama Fest.
It was awesome. Mette & myself went down.
There was like 4 plays
Bishop White, King's Cove, Heritage & Someone else,
But I can't remember.

Tuesday, we got our report cards.
Math & Art was death; which I expected.
86% average overall.

Then Tuesday night was Drama Fest again.
There was like another 3 plays.
& a crowd done inprov.
It was wicked! :)

Wednesday was the last day before Easter Break.
&& I had a Chem test, which I probably done bad on.
And Wednesday night, I had Cadets.

So, I've basically been really busy ever since Monday.
but it's now Easter break!
&& Vodka and pixie stick are an amazing combo. :)

So anyways, I'm out.


Hmmm. Today [Sunday, April 1,2007] was extremely boring.
As Sundays usually are, && There's school tomorrow mourning. Fuck!
7:30 AM is way too close.

So, today's horoscope [which is actually tomorrow's] reads;

"A proposed get-together with a love interest might have to be postponed until much later tonight, or perhaps even until another evening. This could make you a little blue. Your insecurities might even get the better of you. Does your friend not want to meet up with you? Don't fall into this kind of thinking. Accept that there's a reason for this, then go with the flow. You'll enjoy the date that much more for the delay."

Hmmm. make sense to anyone? Because I'm pretty much lost.
It's gotten all "loveish" lately.
:O Maybe Catherine & Holly's horoscopes got mixed up! Lol :)
It totally did!

Why is it that Sunday's are so incredibly boring?
[Hmm. When you have a Noun like Sunday, how do you make it plural by adding "'s" or just "s"? Or is Sunday even a Noun? ]
I mean, ugh! I really dislike them a lot!

Today was boring. I didn't go to bed 'till 4 AM
So, it was pretty much 2:30 PM before I managed to drag myself out of bed && onto the couch, so I could try very hard to do my homework,
which I still haven't managed to finish.
Wow, I'm slack.

And now, I'm typing a blog/ on Myspace instead of doing that homework!
I just really don't want to do it.

Well, Drama Fest is tomorrow!
It's going to be amazing! <3
I haven been down home in so long & I haven seen everyone in so long.
Wow, I'm super excited. :)

Well... Ugh! AS much as I don't want to
Sadly I have to do my math homework,
Because Robert's scares me.

<33 Peaace :)


Hey Hey,
Hmm, I'm keeping my commitment to this blog so far. :)

So, I've pretty much decided to start reading my horoscope again.
Which is pretty awesome I guess.
So, just to keep you guys informed [like you care, but I'll continue]
Heres tomorrow's (which is actually today's, since it's after 12);

"A social event in your neighborhood could put you in touch with people who share your spiritual and intellectual inclinations, dear Libra. As a result, you'll probably make some new friends, and over the next few days spend a lot of time on the phone with them. If you're single, one of them could be a potential love partner. If you're a writer or artist, expect oodles of inspiration to hit you as a result of all this. Enjoy!"

Hmm. New friends huh? And again the mention of a "potential love partner."
Haha, I just though it was kind of funny, right?
And also "over the next few days spend a lot of time on the phone with them"
is also kinda funny, as I really hate phones.
So all in all, my horoscope has been pretty funny the past few days, right?
Yes it has, take my word for it, Mkay? Kay. :)

So, Guess what Alexa & Kayla?!
The Red Bull is finally kicking in, as I'm so incredibly hyper :)
the second one done the trick. ;P

So, today/ tonight was pretty much awesome.

Hmmm, so this afternoon, We [Alexa & Kayla & myself]
went and bought a whole bunch of sugar/ candy
and walked around & I tried very hard to snort fun dip
but because I have the flu, it pretty much never worked
Sounds pretty lame right?
haha, It was actually quite amazing.
So, then we went to Tim Horton's.
and I pretty much laughed my ass of a lot.
Because.. well it was pretty much really funny.
So, then we leave, and walk around && got some Red Bull.
Oh! and I found out, if you chug a Red Bull really fast,
it makes your eyes watery, well at least it made mine watery.
Then we walk to Need's and i got another energy drink.
&& there was this guys there.
and the conversation pretty much went
"random guy: What's that on your head?
Alexa: a napkin [she was wearing it as a head band]
random guy: Why?
Alexa: I don't know
Cashier: Something to do!
random guy: yea I guess, What are you guys, College or high school student?
Alexa: um, high school.
Catherine: [randomly making a motion towards the salad dressing]
Alexa: What?
Catherine: [Again, randomly making a motion towards the salad dressing]
Alexa: What?
Catherine: What flavor is it!?!?
Alexa: Um, Creamy Ceaser & Creamy Ranch
Catherine: oh! ok :)
*At this point Catherine & Alexa die laughing*"

so, after being totally scared because we though this guy was a petifile
[I'm 99% use thats not spelt right]
we leave and walk down to... um, the waterfall maybe.
I can't even remember & then walk back to Coop gas bar so Alexa
who has a 2 mL bladder can pee, but it closed
So, we got back to Need's, and there was an old man inside.
And Alexa goes, :O what if he's buying drugs!
"Catherine: Hmm. Yes, the seventy year old man is definitely buying crack!"
But Alexa wasn't allowed to go pee their either.

All in all, it was an amazing night, although if anyone ever has the patience to read this, they probably think were pretty lame. Were not! Were amazingly cool, Coolest people you'll even meet!
It's so true!

Hmmm. So I'm pretty much still wearing my napkin head band [courtesy of Alexa<3]
just to inform you all, you know, the fact of that on April 1, 2007 at 1:34 am, Catherine was sat on her couch typing a blog wearing a napkin on her head. :) might be use full some day, you never know!
Just like the fact that most object take 14 seconds to reach maximum velocity is use full today, because if I didn't know that, what would I have typed in the previous line?
See! I told you I was cool!

Hmm. Report Cards on Wednesday. Ahh!
I'm going to die no joke, Math & Art are going to be death
Yes! Art, thats right, I can't even pull off a 70% in art, ugh!
&& I have a Math test [Liner programing = who really cares, I'm never going to use it anyways] & Chemistry test [Also, I will never use in a everyday situation anyways] on Wednesday. *sigh*
As well as Writing assignment & History assignment & A LOT of Math homework
&& A Art project which I'm really behind on.
Wow! I'm pretty much going to fail life, and end up a bum on the streets.
Uh huhh, Catherine's future = Failure. ahh!
Or not, I'll be the creepy old cat lady, who is poor.
Umm. Yes! A creepy cat lady sounds good.

*Note to Alexa & Kayla: Kool-aid powder taste like fun dip. It really does. :)

Hmm. Just a though, you know the feeling when you get an eyelash in your eye?
Wouldn't it be amazing if you had no eyelashes to get in your eye, like they just weren't there.
Like, wow! That would be amazing! right?
Well, I think so! There should definitely be a drug to make your eyelashes go away.
Hmm. Maybe it's just me. [it most likely is]

Well, as the large amount of energy drink I drank is wearing off
I'm getting pretty tired.
So, I'm off again for another night



Well, I've decided that I'm finally going to stay committed to a blog.
So, unlike previous blogs, I'll try to keep this one up to date &
"try" not to forget about it for months at a time. :)
This is more a place for me to get my thoughts/ aggression out,
so I doubt you'll have the time/ patience to read it.
anyways, it is what it is. Enjoy!

So earlier today I was reading my horoscope, as I always do & it goes;

"Have you been reading a lot of romantic novels lately, dear Libra? This is probably because love is very much on your mind right now. You may be involved in a passionate relationship, or hoping for one. However, if it's the latter, don't expect to remain alone for very long. All signs are that romance is going to become a top priority with you for a while, starting now. Make sure you look your best whenever you go out!"

Which I though was pretty ironic right?
I mean, all day I was laughing about how gullible some of the little grades nines are
Don't get me wrong, some of the kids in grade nine are awesome
but thens theres the ones who loosely throw around the word "love."
And not only grades nines are guilty of it, I've heard a lot of people do it.
I mean, come on. It's high school. Your not suppose to find your husband,
so why be all like "Oh, I'm head over heads in love with you" & "I love you so much, I want to have your children."
Really, like. come on!
Not only is it over used in high school by youths,
but in my opinion, it is over used by a lot of the western population in general.
I mean, if people really, truly love each other, their wouldn't be half as much divorce, broken families, and probably even war right?

Hmm? But what do I know, I'm only another stupid teenager, who get glared at whenever I walk down the road.
I'm just another "useless" teenager, who has no valid political views or opinions about the world around us.

&& Yes. I have a comma issue. I use them WAY too much. But, to put it bluntly, I don't really care.

My comma issue is the least of my worries at the moment.
As I have, approximately two years and some change until I graduate.
Which pretty much sucks, alot.
[Someone please hurt me every time I say "pretty much" as I say it way to much.]
I mean, ever look back on things and be like,
"Wow, I wish I was five, still coloring with crayons, worrying about whats for supper."
instead of;
"How the hell am I going to be able to come up with $700 for rent/mortgage, $500 for car, $100 for groceries, plus like electrical, cable, internet and phone bills & have money left over because what happens if you get sick?"

Because whether I like it or not, thats pretty much the situation I'll be in like two years.
And it pretty much scares me, a lot!
But then again, thats probably just me over reaction/ stressing out over nothing, right?

And see, this all relates back to my horoscope & the whole "love" thing.
Because nine chances out of ten, I'll end up getting a divorce,
and having kids who are struggling to find them selves, not having a stable home to grow up in.

Ahhh! I'm really stressed right on.
& report cards are coming out on Wednesday, and I'm pretty much going to do really bad.

But, on the other side, today was awesome!
I pretty much had a headache from laughing A LOT!
And I can't even remember what about & I pretty much went down home for like an hour.
I hadn't been down in way too long, and i misses it way too much.
No matter how much I have in Clarenville, or how much I love it here,
Trinity East is my home and I miss it more then you can ever imagine.
My whole life, I wanted to get out of their,
and now that I'm gone, I realize what I had and how much it meant to me.
It's actually very ironic.

OH! && I saw... well heard, the commercial for "Meet the Robinson's"
and the T-rex went "I have a BIG head & LITTLE arms"
and it was amazing!
&& I finally cleaned my NES and I got it working, which also made me incredibly happy. :)

Well, as I'm pretty much tired, and it's getting late,
so, I'm going to go.
Go get some ... something to give me energy. [example; red bull hahaha]

Catherine <3
face x 3474855065078